Bereavement Services

When a child loses a brother, sister or parent the world becomes a very dark place. Although surrounded by classmates and friends, they mostly feel alone, isolated- wondering how can everyone else be laughing and going around doing the same things they always did ... "my whole world has come to a standstill!"

They may go through the motions, but their minds are in chaos. How do they make sense of their loss? Why did this happen? "Who will ever understand how *I* feel?"

SIBSPlace is a free therapeutic community service program of South Nassau Communities Hospital. Since 2000, a team of mental health professionals has provided support to well children living with a brother or sister with cancer, or another devastating illness. We then expanded to include well children living with a parent with cancer.

Now, we are offering a highly requested service on the South Shore of Long Island to children who are bereaved, due to the loss of a parent or sibling.

Our six week support group session, on Wednesdays from 4:30-6PM will help children:

We hope you'll keep us in mind when you learn of a child in your school in need of a place to be with peers, where they can learn and use coping skills to navigate a life that has been turned upside down and thrown them off-balance.

If you are interested in learning more about SIBSPlace, please contact
Suzanne Kornblatt, LMSW, at (516) 374-3000.

“SIBSPlace…A Place Where A Child Matters Most!”

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Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters

National Alliance for Grieving Children

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