An Opportunity for Growth

SIBSPlace with its unique focus on the well sibling provides our participants with the coping skills that will foster resilience. The program's supportive environment allows siblings to experience routines that may have been lost at home due to the extraordinary needs of their brother or sister. Through sharing a meal, working on homework and engaging in typical play activities with consistent staff and volunteers, the children are given the opportunity to recapture the normal home life traditions.

Specific themes and goals are planned each month to meet the needs of the children. Verbal, art and music activities are developed to promote identification and bonding with peers who can relate to their unique family situations. At SIBSPlace the children can share personal experiences, safely identify and express emotions and learn the varied techniques to help them manage their feelings.

Special events are organize periodically to give families the opportunity to come together, lend support and create happy memories with each other and their children. There's nothing like the delight on a child's face as they groom and mount a horse, race through an obstacle course or enjoy the magic of a Broadway show.

At SIBSPlace every moment presents as an opportunity for growth. There's no stigma in coming to SIBSPlace. As you read on, and get to know our families, you will see that it's just a place where a child matters most!


If you are interested in learning more about SIBSPlace, please contact
Suzanne Kornblatt, LMSW, at (516) 374-3000.

“SIBSPlace…A Place Where A Child Matters Most!”

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Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters

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