Normal Childhood Experience

We imagine the life of a child as filled with the excitement of seeing a circus, playing little league baseball, holiday celebrations, the arrival of a new baby brother or sister enriched with the fun, warmth, and love that relationship brings.

Sometimes our hopes and dreams go awry. A child is diagnosed with cancer or another devastating illness or disability. Colorful wishes and dreams fade, balance is thrown off. Focus is lost as the needs of the diagnosed child distract parents and super-cede the needs of the well child. In responding to the needs of each family member, and recognizing the unique needs of the well child, the concept for SIBSPlace was born.

SIBSPlace is a unique program that provides the well sibling of children who have extraordinary needs with normal childhood experiences. Research has determined that typically, feelings that impact the well sibling include: fear, sadness, isolation, abandonment, jealousy, guilt, loss of power and control, depression, anger and anxiety. Child specialists believe it is essential for improved emotional development that children acknowledge their feelings and have them validated.

Our SIBSPlace curriculum incorporates multi-faceted activities geared to encourage emotional vocabulary and coping skills that will allow participants to lead more effective lives today and in the future. Professional staff that consists of a social worker, mental health counselor, art and music therapists, facilitate programming with the aid of community volunteers.

Trusting that their child is safe and the focus of thoughtful attention while at SIBSPlace, parents are provided respite to tend to other responsibilities or self-nurturance activities. A parent group is offered to address emotional needs and strengthen their capacity to cope.

At SIBSPlace, we exist to support and enhance our SIBS kids' lives so they always remember feeling special and important because of those who took the time to listen, to hear and to care. If you should know of a child who would benefit from our program, what a gift it would be to share the resource of information about SIBSPlace!


If you are interested in learning more about SIBSPlace, please contact
Suzanne Kornblatt, LMSW, at (516) 374-3000.

“SIBSPlace…A Place Where A Child Matters Most!”

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Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters

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