We wish you could spend more one-on-one fun time with us. We miss you!

We wish that things were fair. Sometimes it seems like our siblings always

We wish you could understand that sometimes we feel:

 SAD because we love our siblings and we want them to be well and at home with us.

 ANNOYED when it seems like our siblings get special treatment.

 ANGRY/MAD when you are with our siblings and not us- Also, we get mad when we donít know whatís happening with our siblings.

 JEALOUS because you spend more time with our siblings and they get more attention, gifts and special treatment. Sometimes we feel ignored.

 LONELY when our siblings are in the hospital- We miss them and we miss you when you are with them.

 CONCERNED/ANXIOUS because we want to know how our siblings are doing and feeling.

 EMBARRASSED even though we love our siblings sometimes itís uncomfortable to let others see or know about their illnesses because it makes us feel different.

 SCARED that something bad might happen to our siblings or to us.

We wish you would stop fighting...itís scary to us.

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Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters

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