At SIBS, I get all the help I need.

"Right after my brother was diagnosed with cancer my mom went with him to the hospital and stayed FOREVER! I didn’t know who would help me with my homework. At SIBS, I get all the help I need."
A sibling's feelings of abandonment are relieved at SIBSPlace.

"At home everyone is always asking about my brother. At SIBSPlace I know it is all about me!"
At SIBSPlace feelings of jealousy are accepted and addressed.

"At SIBSPlace I can talk about how I am always worried that something bad is going to happen to my mother, she has been sick for so long."
The overwhelming fear of a child is discussed and lessened at SIBSPlace.

"At SIBSPlace we talk about wishes. I wish I had a superpower that could make all the people who are sick feel better."
A 5 year old child can overcome her sadness and feel empowered at SIBSPlace.

"When my sister started treatment, I saw her throw up all the time. I worried I would get sick too. At SIBSPlace they taught me that I can't catch cancer from my sister."
At SIBSPlace, a 9 year old child's misperceptions can be corrected.

"I'm glad I can come to SIBSPlace because at home I'm not allowed to have play dates with other children or I might get my father sick."
A child's feelings of isolation turn into a sense of connectedness to peers at SIBSPlace.

"My sister is sick so I am never allowed to get upset with her at home for taking my toys. But at SIBSPlace I can tell everybody how I really feel."
At SIBSPlace a child knows that it's okay to share feelings of anger.

"I sometimes wish that I was sick too, so I can get some attention. But then I feel bad about that. At SIBSPlace I don't have to feel guilty, I know I can just be me!"
A child's feelings of guilt can be relieved at SIBSPlace.

"At SIBSPlace I'm not uncomfortable talking with my friends about how my sister looks."
Children's feelings of embarrassment are expressed, normalized and accepted at SIBSPlace.

"I can't sleep at night worrying if my mom is going to die. She doesn't seem like she is getting better. Sometimes she stays in bed and cries all day! I wish I could talk to her about it but I don’t want to make her sad.”
At SIBSPlace, children are given the opportunity to express their worst fears without judgment from peers who might also be struggling with these anxieties. Here they can practice ways to communicate their concerns and needs with their parents.

Loss of Power and Control
"When people ask me about my dad, I don’t know how to tell them he died."
At SIBSPlace, children are empowered through psycho-education and role play to be prepared with responses that make them more comfortable answering difficult questions.